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The collection of glass may be an unprofitable venture both in terms of capital and labor costs for many small towns. Costs associated with separating and transporting glass are high. Under current market conditions, little, if any revenue can be expected. In many cases, recycling glass costs 50%-100% more than disposing of the product as municipal solid waste when transportation and processing costs are calculated.
The SWAC towns, through a grant from the Agency of Natural Resources, purchased a portable glass crusher. The crusher is housed at the Sudbury Recycling Center.
Glass is collected and stored into 55-gallon drums until crushing time.
The SWAC towns collect and process approximately 120 tons of glass (approximately 16 pounds per person) at the various facilities.
The collected glass can be fed into the crusher in small containers


fed into the hopper in 55 gallon drums with a little assistance from some bigger machinery.
The glass is crushed and the resulting processed glass aggregate (PGA) comes out the bottom of the crusher.

PGA is mixed glass cullet produced from crushed glass food and beverage containers , window glass, ceramics and all other glass or ceramic based products. The glass DOES NOT have to be separated and can be comingled during the collection process.
The final product is a very finely crushed product resembling sand.
It can be used in local roadway applications, as a sub-base, for embankments, utility trench bedding for underground facilities: water and sewer pipes, electrical conduit, and fiber optic lines; as well as drainage fill applications, free draining backfill behind retaining walls; foundation drains, drainage blankets, and French drains.


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